AskQR. Simple logic.

AskQR MUSEUM is an innovative web-based information system providing a low cost, low investment online guide for any institution, museum or gallery.  Once information regarding the museum or gallery and its exhibits, exhibitions, rooms, collections, etc, is stored on the database, it can be easily accessed through any handheld mobile device or tablet. The system delivers a free of charge or paid service that can provide an additional revenue stream, whilst simultaneously placing the institution ahead of its competitors.


easyEasy manage content! moneyStart earning more! tourCreate tour sequences qrQR code engaged
Intuitive web interface will make managing of content simple and easy. Providing paid visitor’s access to view content, go on tours, input ratings and comments, etc, via mobile devices (phones / tablets) In a one click you can create a tour and organize existing exibits in a sequence Adding new objects and assigning QR-Codes