How To Join


Step by step

Step 1
Sign a license agreement (12 months with additional 2 months free access for upload of information) and make payment then send a request for required number of plastic signs with QR-code
Step 2
Within a week, you will receive the requested number of signs as well as provide accounts for 2 or 3 access levels to the system and all documentation, including operating manual for the web interface.
Step 3
Add and upload to the data-base all the required information regarding museum objects.
Step 4
Publish the content and start earning from the license agreement start date.

WiFi requirements

The high-speed wireless Internet connection is required (at least 100 Kbit/sec per visitor)

Content requirements

Text files:
Any text file extension is acceptable

Image files:
*.png (recommended), *.jpg, *.tiff
File size: up to 2 Mb

Audio files:
MP3, VBR (64 Kb mono), SBR (192 Kb stereo)
File size: up to 15 Mb

Video files:
File size: up to 25 Mb

You will get a simple universal converter for audio and video files (all formats accepted)