About AskQR


AskQR information systems LLC

Our focus is smart IT information systems, we create IT masterpieces. With our touch, information will turn into an inexhaustible source of income.

He, who owns the information – owns the world (Mayer Amschel Bayern Rothschild)

He, who knows how to deliver the information – owns him who owns the world! (AskQR information systems LLC)

Our Objectives

Our goal is to create the simplest products which will make our users’ lives easier, more interesting and exciting. As well as to let our clients to make money on it.

Our Slogan

AskQR. Simple logic.


Innovations is a marriage between efficiency and creativity. It is the process of creation of something new and progressive. We support all new and efficient ideas. Limits exist only for those who cannot overcome them.


Growth for us is the constant expansion of knowledge, both collective and individual. We learn from our customers and our customers learn from us. Constant improvement of company’s products, creation and implementation of new products is the only true solution on the way to perfection. Future Technologies is our present.


In order to create the simplest things, the biggest efforts are needed. Our idea is to make maximum effort inventing simple things. The simpler our products are, the more effective their usage is.